Hellfire and Damnation Series

Hellfire & DamnationHellfire & Damnation

The first book was the winner of the Silver Feather Award (Illinois Women’s Press Association), and the Gold Medal E-Lit Award (Horror category) from the Jenkins group. It was quite popular with HWA members on preliminary Bram Stoker balloting the year that Full Dark, No Stars won the short story competition.

hell2Hellfire & Damnation II

“Connie Wilson’s debut short story collection, Hellfire & Damnation, marks her not so much as a writer to watch, but one to watch out for. Exploring the 9 levels of Dante’s Inferno via contemporary settings and sensibilities — and the sins punished therein — this collection veers from sinister noir (“Going Through Hell”) to the bizarrely whimsical (“Amazing Andy, the Wonder Chicken”) to the outright, no-holds-barred horrific. Never have the 9 Circles of Hell been so much fun. I had a blast following Wilson on her tour of the inferno, and you will, as well.”
–5-time Bram Stoker Award-winner Gary A. Braunbeck, author of Coffin Countyand Far Dark Fields

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“Hellfire & Damnation III” is a third tour of the 9 Circles of Hell described in Dante’s “Inferno.” Each of the 9 stories illustrate one of the crimes or sins punished at that level of Hell.

This third installment in the award-winning series has a large number of stories substantially based on true life events—7 out of 9. This adds a sense of authenticity to their engrossing plots. Whether the tale centers on a new species of spider or a crazed Satanist urging a mentally challenged young man to commit murder, readers will experience stories of Limbo, lust, gluttony, avarice and prodigality, wrath and sullenness, heresy, the violent, the fraudulent and treachery.

Settings range from New Zealand to Washington state to the Midwest. Each story contains an illustration that helps anchor the setting in the reader’s mind.

Cover art is by World Famous Artist Vincent Chong.

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