Hellfire and Damnation Vol. 2

written by Connie C. Wilson on November 19, 2014 in with no comments


“Connie Wilson’s debut short story collection, Hellfire & Damnation, marks her not so much as a writer to watch, but one to watch out for. Exploring the 9 levels of Dante’s Inferno via contemporary settings and sensibilities — and the sins punished therein — this collection veers from sinister noir (“Going Through Hell”) to the bizarrely whimsical (“Amazing Andy, the Wonder Chicken”) to the outright, no-holds-barred horrific. Never have the 9 Circles of Hell been so much fun. I had a blast following Wilson on her tour of the inferno, and you will, as well.”
–5-time Bram Stoker Award-winner Gary A. Braunbeck, author of Coffin Countyand Far Dark Fields

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