Connie's Books That Are Not Part Of A Series

Laughing Through Life

“Laughing through Life” is the book of funny essays and observations that critics have called “Erma-Bombeck-meets-David-Sedaris,” with hilarious results. You’ll find yourself nodding your head in recognition of many of the situations that a young mother, teacher and business-owner encountered while raising 2 children born 19 years apart (PTA membership from 1973 to 2010!). Connie’s adventures while covering the 2004 and 2008 presidential campaigns with press passes also will amuse—especially if you thought “W” was a bonehead. (If you are not a progressive, you might not laugh quite as heartily. Be warned.) Smile. Enjoy! Laugh through life with Ava & Elise Wilson, the author’s twin granddaughters, who provide a never-ending supply of funny anecdotes, (just when she thought it was safe to go back in the water.)

Both Sides Now

Back in 2003, Connie strolled down memory lanes with stories of her home town and pictures from high school days, cheerleading, and many humorous tales from her growing up days in Independence, Iowa.

However, life is not all fun and games, so the “both sides” refers to the somber poetry and deeper more serious reflections on life that include poetry and essays. It was Connie’s first self-published work and the most personally revealing autobiographical book, to date.

It Came from the ’70s: From The Godfather to Apocalypse Now

“It Came from the ’70s” is the book movie buffs old and new have been searching for, not onlly as a good read but as a reference tool. Most of the 50 short reviews were written and appeared in the Quad City Times between 1970-1979 and could not be replicated today. Consider them tiny time capsules capturing the zeitgeist of a decade. The major cast, 76 photos and trivia make the book a fun read. The decade produced such classics as “Alien,” “Dirty Harry,” “Apocalypse Now,” “The Godfather” (I & II), “The Exorcist,” “Chinatown,” “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “Star Wars,” “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and many, many more. As Mick Garris (American filmmaker/screenwriter/director) put it: “This book is a wonderful and inclusive chronicle of the 1970’s.”

Connie’s movie book of her reviews from the Quad City Times, with 50 representative films, 76 photos and interactive trivia was just one of the 100 Best Indie Books of the Year 2016 by “Shelf Unbound” digital magazine. It has been used in preparing at least one PhD dissertation at the University of Chicago, because the author of that work approached Connie at Printer’s Row to thank her for her on-the-spot coverage of films of the 70s, since she has been reviewing film uninterruptedly for 47 years. The book was 8 years in the making and was originally published by The Merry Blacksmith Press of Rhode Island.

Out Of Time

When a series of man-made disasters strike the USA, altruistic rock star Dante Benedick (AKA “The One”) must travel back in time to rescue the world and the love of his life.

This novel, published by Lachesis Press of Nova Scotia, was quite the fun book to write. It involved time travel, poetry/rock lyrics introducing each chapter, physics,and terrorists blowing up the entire East coast of the United States. There are also the twin daughters of the President of the United States and all kinds of adventures. It is out of print, but some copies remain available at Amazon from its Lachesis days.

Never Fear – Phobias

What Do you Fear? What is the one thing that causes you to break out in a cold sweat? What is the one thing that tortures your mind and freezes the blood in your veins? Fear of death, clowns, bats, mirrors, being buried alive, being tied up? These and many other phobias are addressed in nineteen tales of psychological horror by some of the top New York Times bestselling and award-winning authors, as well as new and upcoming talented writers.

Come join authors F. Paul Wilson, Heather Graham, Thomas Monteleone and their fellow writers into a journey of the mind and the terrors that await within: Never Fear-Phobias.

Connie’s story is about fear of dreams.

Never Fear – Christmas Terrors

Twenty-Two Tales of Christmas Terror ranging from ancient Iceland to modern-day Iraq by New York Times Bestselling and award-winning authors, including: a new ghost story by Heather Graham, a Repairman Jack Christmas adventure by F. Paul Wilson, a spine tingling tale by master of horror Thomas F. Monteleone, and a special tale of Christmas wonder by Jon Land. In a unique experience—a story within a story—you will follow along when the MacDonald family discovers an unidentified present under their Christmas tree. Who gave it to them? Where did it come from? No one seems to know. And when they open the mysterious gift, it sets them on a course to a Christmas of terror they could never have expected. With stories by Heather Graham, F. Paul Wilson, Lance Taubold, Aidan Russell, Thomas F. Monteleone, Lisa Harris, E. McCarthy, Richard Devin, Lee Lawless, Kristi Ahlers, Don Bruns, Ed DeAngelis, Lisa Manetti, Elle J Rossi, Deborah Grahl, Liah Penn, Crystal Perkins, Greg Linden, Connie Corcoran Wilson, Jeff DePew, Mathew Kaufman. You can read Connie’s story “BLACK FRIDAY” by downloading it by clicking here.

Bee Gone: A Political Parable

Bee Gone: A Political Parable is a rhyming, illustrated short e-book that examines the thought, (articulated by Barack Obama), “Elections have consequences.” Given its timing, perhaps it will encourage those who did not vote in 2016 to go to the polls and vote in 2020. In a very short story about a disgruntled drone in a bee hive who wants to take over the hive from the queen bee, the key take-away can be described (in the words of the book) this way: “So, the hive lost its honey, its Queen, and its money. It was really a mess, and that isn’t funny.”

The outstanding illustrations by illustrator Gary McCluskey are spot-on. They are both amusing and illustrative of today’s political situation. (Gary says, “It’s the most fun I ever had at work.”Whatever your political leanings, enjoy the excellent illustrations and let’s try to remember that, so far, in this country, we all are allowed to express our opinion(s) under the First Amendment to the Constitution. Let’s hope we never lose that.

Lighten up and enjoy Bee Gone: A Political Parable! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the works I’ve produced since 2003. Prior to that, I penned “Training the Teacher As A Champion” for Performance Learning Systems, Inc. of Emerson, NJ, but it is primarily of interest to teachers and was their company Bible.

Enjoy the Books!