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Shelf Unbound Magazine

“Shelf Unbound” magazine, in its December/January online issue named KHAKI=KILLER, the third book in THE COLOR OF EVIL series, one of the Top Thrillers of the Year 2015. The book follows on the heels of Book #2 in the series, RED IS FOR RAGE, which was named a Pinnacle winner by the NABE (National Association of Book Entrepreneurs) organization. Here is the link for Shelf Unbound’s mention of KHAKI=KILLER. You can see the issue here.

KHAKI=KILLER is shown on page 58 of the issue, but page 60 when viewed at the link above. If you click on the page number at the bottom, you can type in “60” and it will take you directly to the correct page.

Thank You Everyone For Your Downloads And Purchases

On November 28th, over 3,000 copies of “Ghostly Tales of Route 66” were downloaded free as part of a 5-day KDP giveaway. Numbers of pages read in Kindle, tracked by Amazon, jumped dramatically following the November 28th giveaway, as did sales of other books in the series.

You can learn more about this series at www.GhostlyTalesofRoute66.com.

APSS: Association of Publishers for Special Sales

Connie will be attempting to work as the point person to establish a 15th chapter of Brian Jud’s organization, APSS in Austin, Texas, where her series THE COLOR OF EVIL is on the shelves of Book People, the largest independent bookstore in Texas, voted the Number One Independent Bookstores in the United States by “Publishers’ Weekly.”

APSS, the Association of Publishers for Special Sales, promotes the placement of an author’s books in non-traditional sales settings, such as gift shops, museums, etc. Connie’s series for Quixote Press, “Ghostly Tales of Route 66,” for instance, is routinely ordered in great quantities by the Fort El Reno Visitors’ Center following her appearance there while traveling the Mother Road to gather ghost stories, which were published in 3 volumes: Chicago to Oklahoma (Vol. I); Oklahoma to Arizona (Vol. II) and Arizona to California (Vol. III).

From The Blog

Christmas in Chicago: Happenings in and Around the City at the Holidays

I came in to Chicago to pick up the daughter (from Denver) to drive her back to the Quad Cities, but good friend Mary Gerace had some other festive ideas for things to do in and around the city, including the free Chicago Youth Symphony concert at Chicago’s Symphony Hall, the Tuba Christmas concert at the Palmer House, and a performance of The Assassination Theater, which purports to prove who really murdered JFK (ending soon at the Museum of Television and other such things…Read More >

New Movies, Including “The Big Short”

“The Big Short” didn’t open in the Quad Cities as early as it opened in Chicago, so I saw it there some time ago, and I can tell you that I need a crash course in the stock market. The breaking of the fourth wall with explanations helped some, but I am no financial guru and even discussions of derivatives from the Crash of 2008 were confusing for the likes of me (and English major)…Read More >

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