(Vol. III)

As with Volumes I and II, the book can be ordered from its own website, www.GhostlyTalesofRoute66.com, and comes autographed. (Add $3 for postage).
This last of the Route 66 trilogy utilizes four college-aged friends, Four from Flagstaff, who have adventures while traveling the route in search of ghostly experiences. The four may reappear in a Florida adventure in the near future. (College students on spring break, this time in Key West, Florida).
As with the two previous volumes, the volume has plenty of pictures and is priced at $9.95 (plus postage and handling). It is also available from Quixote Press by calling 319-372-7480 or the 800 number listed elsewhere on this website. If you order from the dedicated website Ghostly Tales of Route 66, your book will come autographed and you will receive free postage and handling if you order all 3 books in the trilogy for the total sum of $30.00. There is also an E-book version of just Connie’s ghostly tales (no pictures) available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (red cover).