Obama’s Odyssey, Vol. II: Convention to Inauguration

The second volume picks up at the respective conventions in Denver, Colorado (DNC) and St. Paul, Minnesota (RNC), as well as reporting on such events as the Ron Paul Rally for the Republic and the Belmont Town Hall Meeting and ends with the Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States. The books contain approximately 100 pictures taken during the pivotal election of 2008.

The election of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 was politically startling. It captured the imagination of a nation in a way that no other political event ever did. Or ever wil… As his double term as President of the United States comes to an end, there is no better time to reacquaint oneself with Obama’s campaign trail, one of the most unbelievable sojourns in American history. – Bonnie McGrath, Chicago lawyer, award-winning journalist and blogger Connie Wilson has once again risen to the top. Her extensive background and experience in getting the least known details of the story are absolutely amazing. She is thorough and keeps you entertained and informed. She has an unmistakable wit that gives you tremendous insight on any subject she writes about. I have been reading Connie’s work for many years now. As a fellow writer at Yahoo, we have supported each other and enjoyed writing and conversing through elections, tragedies, entertainment and world affairs. Her desire to be the best shows in everything she writes. I loved this and can’t wait for the next great project. – Rose Richmond


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  1. Connie Wilson

    “Connie does the impossible and writes another political humorous manifesto ….. with her zenzational wit and style ….as she travels on the political bandwagon …taking us on a whirlwind adventure with her on another campaign…..i highly recommend her second book which kind of picks-up where the first one left off….she makes me smile and laugh in places i need to laugh and smile……..especially about the often zany world of politics… ” – Amazon Customer

    “Not many people get to have a behind the scenes glimpse of what goes on in a campaign. And, sometimes when we do read accounts, they are partisan. This book is different.
    The author travels as a reporter, covering different candidates, in different locales, letting us into those grueling, exciting days in 2008. This is a collection of live articles written by a reporter covering the possibility of the first woman President and the first Black President.” – Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell

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