The Christmas Cats Encounter Bats

The Christmas Cats Encounter Bats is a Seussical tale for young children which builds upon the morals of the first two Christmas Cats books.

Book three, The Christmas Cats Encounter Bats,  urges everyone to honor life in all its forms, and to love and accept all God’s creatures.  Some animals — (puppies and kitties come to mind) — are popular with nearly everyone.  Others — (spiders, lizards, bats, etc.) — may not seem as worthy, but all are small cogs in the universe.  Bats serve a very usefull purpose in God’s grand scheme.  All life should be valued.  The bats of story three are just as deserving of respect and have as much of a right to life as any other creatrure on the planet.



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  1. CorcoranConstance

    “This is a delightful story that will bring a smile to any face. ” — Read More

    “The colorful art work is so appealing and every page of it is fun to look at because of the strings of Christmas light which are used to frame in each page.” — Read More

    “Seriously, this is a delightful book that any child will enjoy having read to them or reading themselves. The rhymes are constant and sharp. It’s the sort of book where children will love to shout out loud the words as they search along with the Christmas Cats for the bats. ” — Read More

    “My sons and I really care about all God’s creatures so this silly story about the cats encountering bats (which are one of our favorite wild creatures) was quite the treat. The rhyming story is fun to read and it is a cute story about being kind to all living things…even the ones that may scare us. ” — Read More

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