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    The Color of Evil Series


Connie has published many works representing a variety of genres. Wilson’s first book (1989), published by Performance Learning Systems, Inc. of Emerson, New Jersey, Training the Teacher As A Champion, put forth the teaching techniques and principles taught by the nation’s largest teacher training firm. Written by Wilson in collaboration with PLS founder Joseph Hasenstaab, the book gives an insight into the effective teaching practices of successful teachers, those techniques included in that organization’s Project T.E.A.C.H. (Teacher Effectiveness and Classroom Handling).

Connie’s Latest Book


KHAKI = KILLER, Book #3 in THE COLOR OF EVIL series, resumes where Book #2, RED IS FOR RAGE, left off. Tad McGreevy and his high school classmates at Cedar Falls’ Sky High Lab School once again grapple with life and death issues as high school graduation looms at the end of their senior year.

For Melody Harris Carpenter—the tiny cheerleader who suffered a serious injury during the re-scheduled Homecoming football game at the UNI Dome (end of Book #2)—the risk of death is real—not only for Melody, but, for her unborn child. Will Melody recover from her devastating fall? Sean Carpenter, Melody’s mother and father, and Sean Carpenter’s parents stand vigil as Melody fights for life.

 And Melody is not the only character facing life or death challenges.

Familiar characters from Books #1 and #2 reappear: Charlie Chandler, Andrea and Jenny SanGiovanni, Angie Yancy and Scott Turgasen, Heather Crompton and Kelly Carter, Officer Friendly Lenny McIntyre. Innocent lives hang in the balance as escaped serial killer Michael Clay targets Tad McGreevy, the boy with Super Tetrachromatic Vision— the young man who “sees” the crimes of those with “the color of evil” (khaki) in his nightmares. Janice Kramer and Stevie Scranton, (who became a couple in Book #2), are also grappling with life-changing events. Heather Crompton and Kelly Carter are in peril.

The return of Michael Clay to Cedar Falls can mean only one thing: death.

As the characters  near the end of their high school careers, they face obstacles, challenges, dangers and, ultimately, choices that will change their lives forever.

May 31 (Saturday) Book Signing @ the Book Rack

My new novel, KHAKI = KILLER (www.KhakiEqualsKiller.com) is available for purchase through Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats, and I will be launching it with a book signing from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Book Rack in Moline …